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When I first got my LeS in 2003, I had a problem with my front aircon (not working) and with engine overheating, and found that not only did I have a hole in the aircon condenser, but that both front electric fans were rusted solid!
I managed to source a condenser from someone on this forum (Thanks again Gil) and fitted it and then set about finding some fans.

As a temporary solution, I managed to find a second-hand (single 14" 'sucker') electric fan from a Renault Clio (the LeS is in France) and fitted this in front of the condenser unit (reversing the current to get it to blow instead of suck) allowed the aircon to work through my trip in August 2003.
It turns out that the originals are not only pretty hard to find, but also not really up to the job of cooling the condenser _and_ the engine, so I contacted Kenlowe (UK) who supply after-market cooling kits.

They had two types which were suitable;
Standard Duty
TWIN /13/B/VTC N/A Twin 13” blower fan (fit in front of radiator) 12V 24.4A
PRICE £202.20 + £10.00 P & P = £213.20

Heavy Duty
TWIN/13HD/B/VTC N/A, 13” suction fans (fit in front of radiator) 12V 49.2A
PRICE £243.40 + £10.50 P & P = £253.90

Since I didnt think I could spare 50 amps(!), I ordered and fitted the standard ones.
They seem MORE than adequate for the job.

Response and service from Kenlowe was excellent and I would recommend them (Tel 44(0) 1628 823303 Fax 44(0) 1628 823451). I have no association with this company other than being a happy customer.

I'm still going to fit a manual over-ride switch for the fans, as well as connecting up the auxiliary water temp and oil pressure gauges I have fitted before using the LeS this Summer.

New Kenlowe fans specifications

New Kenlowe fans fitted 1

New Kenlowe fans fitted 2